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How the TuffTiger® Self Cleaning Filter, Field Flush Controller and SmartFlush work together

The TuffTiger® Self Cleaning filter is an affordable (non-electrical) option on every drip dispersal system installation. The Self Cleaning filter is a new way of dealing with issues in the field for dirty filters. Each dosing cycle this filter system cleans one of its two disc filters and sends approximately 2.5 gallons of dirty effluent back to the pretreat tank.

The SmartFlush (non-electrical) regulates the drip tubing field pressure to the low end of its operating range (10 psi for pressure compensating tubing) and uses the excess head to continuously flush the drip tubing during the dosing cycle. At the start up, the valve is closed to facilitate quick field pressurization. When field pressure reaches the preset limit, the SmartFlush valve opens and flushes the drip tubing using the excess head from the pump. If field pressure drops, the SmartFlush closes as needed to maintain proper field pressure.

In addition, the SmartFlush automatically regulation field pressure, uses all excess head to continuously flush tubing during the dosing cycle, closes for dosing start up to assist in quick field pressurization, the ball valve can be set to allow system drain down or used to manually flush the field, and factory preset to regulate return manifold pressure to 10 psi or 15 psi.

The Field Flush Controller is a non-electric valve that automatically flushes the drip dispersal field at the beginning of each cycle. When a dosing cycle begins, effluent flowing through the supply manifold fills the drip tubing and begins to return to the source tank through the return flush line.

The field flush controller automatically allows the returning effluent to flush the field at full velocity for a short period of time before it shuts off the returning flow. The dispersal field then returns to normal dosing operation for the duration of the dosing cycle. A 25 second flush each dosing cycle accumulates over 20 minutes of field flushing every 50 dosing cycles.

Bringing it all together

The TuffTiger® self-cleaning filter unit works in correlation wonderfully with the SmartFlush or the Field Flush Controller. The SmartFlush allows a continuous flow when flushing the drip field. The Field Flush Controller allows for intermitted flushing of the drip field.

Both the SmartFlush and Field Flush Controller increase the agitation that keep particles suspended so the filter can trap it and then return it to the trash tank the next dosing cycle. This enhances the system to perform to the highest of its ability with the dirty water being returned to the pretreatment tank.

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