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Patent #8,187,472

The SmartFlush system regulates drip tubing field pressure to the low end of its operating range (10 psi for pressure compensating tubing) and uses the excess head to continuously flush the drip tubing during the dosing cycle.

At start up, the valve is closed to facilitate quick field pressurization. When field pressure reaches the present limit, the SmartFlush valve opens and flushes the drip tubing using the excess head from the pump. If field pressure drops, the SmartFlush closes as needed to maintain proper field pressure. SmartFlush is also equipped with a ball valve address the need for system.
  • Automatically regulates field pressure!
  • Automatically uses all excess head to continuously flush tubing during dosing cycle!
  • Automatically closes for dosing start-up to assist in quick field pressurization!
  • Ball-valve can be set to allow system drain-down or used to manually flush field!
  • Factory present to regulate return manifold pressure at 10 psi or 15 psi.
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